While looking into the pre-owned market, many users start to wonder how to buy used police cars and are they reliable in reality or not. The truth is, certain risks are associated with such vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find options that are durable, interesting, cheap, and weirdish.

I’ll be honest – a police car isn’t the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about pre-owned vehicles. But we can’t deny the fact that it could the best thing you purchase.

Where can I buy used police cars? – this is just one of the questions we’ll answer today. Let’s get started!

Why do people buy used police cars?

There are two main reasons: they want to turn their fantasies into reality and they want a powerful vehicle.

Childhood dreams

We’ve all seen those movies with police chasing villains at high speed. It’s a picture we grow up with and many of us dream to experience the rush of adrenaline during those tense situations.

Some people purchase used police cars simply due to such fantasies. They want to live out their childhood dreams and enjoy the experience of driving a cop car. It might seem quirky, but if someone wants to drive around in a police vehicle, there’s nothing wrong with it, is it?

Plus, such cars have other advantages as well.

The desire to enjoy powerful features

It’s clear as day that cop cars are manufactured differently. They need to have a powerful engine to handle high-speed driving. They also have to be extremely durable to withstand the daily abuse.

Therefore, police cars have powerful features that are hard to encounter in a similar price range. If you’re willing to purchase something that can easily accelerate and maintain higher speeds, then a cop car is a reasonable choice. Plus, it will cost you way less than other used vehicles with similar features.

However, a police car can still be a risky investment and you need to weigh in all the advantages and flaws. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of buying a police car before we move on to discovering where to buy used cop cars.

Pros and cons of purchasing a used cop car

It’s one thing to know where to buy used police cars and it’s another to understand what you’re investing in. I’m not saying that cop vehicles are bad, I’m just saying that you should know what you’re putting your money into.


1. They are affordable i.e. they are cheaper than “ordinary” cars;

2. They come with powerful features including a badass engine, excellent performance and handling, as well as great control;

3. They are durable as they are built to withstand heavy abuse and years of utilization;

4. They are usually quite fresh-looking on the inside;

5. They are usually well-maintained, which can be crucial for the condition of a vehicle;

6. Most of them have a lot of trunk space which isn’t common to see among “civilian” cars;


1. They are usually treated vigorously and you never know how much abuse a certain police car has seen;

2. The powerful features we talked about will break down sooner or later and they can be slightly expensive to repair;

3. Used police cars might have higher mileage;

4. They might be fitted with specialized equipment that needs a place to hold on to i.e. holes in the dashboard aren’t uncommon to encounter;

As you can see, police cars aren’t the perfect vehicles that will solve all your problems. But their features are really hard to resist especially considering the price. These bad boys will save you a ton of money – you just need to make sure you’re purchasing the correct one.

That’s why you need to learn how to buy used police cars and find the model that will provide you with years of loyal performance.

How to buy used police cars?

As with all the existing used vehicles out there, you need to go through certain steps to purchase a reliable police car. Without proper research and selection, you run the risk of purchasing a piece of junk.

Look for an off-duty model

The most efficient way to get a “police package” without experiencing all the drawbacks is to go for an off-duty model. It will have that powerful engine and heavy-duty suspension, but it won’t be as abused as the cars that are on the road every single day.

Choose the specific model online

This rule applies to civilian and police cars equally. It’s always better to browse the net beforehand, see what’s available on the market, and compare prices, features, and reliability. That way, you won’t have to stand in the store for hours walking between identical patrol vehicles.

Online research is your best friend when you’re buying a car.

Verify the condition and history

Since police cars have to withstand excessive abuse, it’s crucial to verify their condition and history as well. Carfax might not be as useful here because it might not have the necessary data. Just steer clear of any police car that looks beaten and damaged.

Examine the core parts carefully

Examine every nook and cranny, and pay particular attention to the engine, transmission, and suspension. These three have to carry the heaviest load. You should contact any responsible agency to scrutinize maintenance reports.

Try to get a warranty whenever you can

Since police cars can easily turn into a huge pain in the neck, it’s not a bad idea to pay an extra coin for that warranty. We’re usually quite stingy when it comes to such extras, but trust me, it will help you save up a lot of money.

Where can I buy used police cars cheaply?

No matter where you look, the auctions are the best place to get the cheapest police cars.

The names of such auctions can vary depending on the state you live in. Beware of the auctions that seem sketchy – they could be selling them illegally, and that’s something we don’t want to be dealing with.

Even reliable auctions can seem too risky – you don’t get the option to test drive the car or examine its condition carefully. If you don’t know the first thing about vehicles, it won’t be the best idea to go alone and bet on the first thing you see.

Any acquaintance, friend, or relative who’s passionate about cars and mechanics will be of great help. They will help you understand what is worth your money.

But remember that we can’t predict everything when it comes to auctions. So, you could be buying a poor car even with all the help.

With that being said, not all the used police cars are the same. You shouldn’t forget that policemen are trained to drive the vehicles at high speed. Most of them aren’t careless either so they take pretty good care of their beloved cars.

You should also keep in mind that one of the main advantages of police cars is the fact that they are well-maintained. Regular checkups and repairs make the purchase less risky, even at an auction.

Where can I buy used police cars cheaply? – an auction is the best option you have. If your budget is really tight, it’s the place you should be considering right off the bet.

Where to buy used cop cars more conveniently?

Specialized used police car dealerships (or just regular dealerships) can be a better option if you want to buy a pre-owned cop vehicle more conveniently. So if you’re wondering where to buy used cop cars, these are worth checking out.

You see, a dealership is a place where you can be more certain about the quality. The prices will be higher here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a wonderful deal.

Dealerships purchase used police cars at auctions as well, but they take care of all the repairs to prepare the vehicles for the sale. This means that they will fill in all the wholes for you and take extra measures as well if anything else needs to be fixed.

This means that you won’t have to hassle with all of those on your own.

Moreover, the majority of dealerships will offer a warranty for extra cash, which is quite convenient. You’ll have to pay more initially but you’ll end up protecting yourself from unexpected costs. After all, certain police cars can be quite troublesome.

If you’re wondering where to buy used police cars and your budget is more flexible, then a dealership is a definite answer.

If you’re lazy to visit the stores, you can always go online and check out available deals on the websites of bigger dealerships. You might even find some bargains that are hard to resist.


Used police cars aren’t the vehicles you can buy carelessly. You need to be quite cautious if you don’t want to waste your money. But you should always remember that not all police cars are black and white – you’ll get quite a bit of versatility. If you know how to conduct proper research and purchase from a reliable source, you won’t have that much trouble with these fellas.

You already know where to buy used police cars – you just need to choose between your options. Go for auction if you know how to spot a treasure, and stick to a dealership if you’re less risky. Good luck!