You might have various reasons for wanting to know where to buy used cars. You might be interested in selling your beloved mate, or simply swap it for something newer. One way or another, you have a lot of options ahead of you. You can find a suitable model online or search for the ultimate deal with your local dealers.

Today you’ll learn everything there’s to know about a used car market. That way, you’ll be prepared for the shopping and you’ll make a reasonable choice. Let’s continue and learn how to search in all the nooks and crannies easily.

Why is it better to buy a used car?

Because you’ll save up a lot of money. It’s natural for new drivers to aim for the newest releases. I understand the appeal – we all want to brag about our new baby and show it off to our friends. But the truth is – you won’t get much more than that. You’ll be lured with attractive looks and specs, and you’ll essentially pay way more for something that’s not worth that much money.

Your new car will lose its value more and more with every drive. As the numbers add up on the odometer and the condition of your vehicle starts to worsen, its market price drops dramatically. That’s why it’s not the wisest choice to go for the brand-new option.

A used car is a way more reasonable alternative. Though it will lose its value as well, it won’t be as dramatic. You might have to spend an extra coin to fix everything up, but those expenses will still cost you way less.

You might think that used cars aren’t reliable, but, trust me, they are just as reliable as the new ones.

My relative once bought the brand-new Mercedes ML at a local dealership and the engine broke down in a week. You can imagine his frustration when he ended up paying half the price of the vehicle for the engine.

The chances are you won’t encounter anything like that with used cars. And even if you do, you won’t have to worry as much because you know you paid a reasonable price.

The main thing is to know where to find used cars that are reliable and long-lasting. If you manage to make the right choice, you might spend the whole decade with your new (well, old) fella.

Where to find used cars locally?

If you want to find a used car in your area, then you have a couple of options to choose from. You can choose a suitable one depending on your budget and needs. Some of the options are more reliable than others, so make sure you do your research. Otherwise, you might get deceived by sly dealers who sell used cars illegally.

If you want to know where to buy used cars online, then you’ll have to hang on for a bit. We’ll get to that in a sec. For now, let’s look at the sellers you’ll have to deal with if you want to buy a used car locally.

Independent used car dealers

These are people who have set up their own business in the industry. They buy used cars locally (or internationally) and sell them in a certain area.

Independent used car dealers will hook you up with a decent option. They won’t charge as much as other sellers, and the whole process will be much more flexible as well. You won’t have to deal with nonsensical bureaucracy – everything will be quite smooth and easy.

Independent used car dealers are usually the ones you can easily trust, especially if you live in a small neighborhood. They tend to care about customer service and treat your needs and requirements quite seriously.

Local and international used-car stores

Used-car stores are quite trustworthy, as well. They sell high-quality vehicles and do their business by the book. You won’t have to worry about the paperwork, as they will explain everything carefully. If you want to buy a used car from a professional, then used-car stores should be your go-to choice.

Moreover, they will have more options than local dealerships, since they have a broader network.

Private dealers who sell used cars

Private sellers will provide you with the best deals because you can negotiate the price yourself. With them, you can usually get a decent sale if you know how to trade.

You might even encounter someone who wants to sell their car quickly. Such private dealers offer a lower price for a virtually perfect option. You just have to be careful and make sure you’re not being deceived by fraudulent sellers. Just read reviews, be alert and pay attention to red flags, or ask your experienced friend for help.

Franchised dealerships

If you want to purchase a certified pre-owned car from a specific manufacturer, then you can go for franchised dealerships. Their prices are higher compared to other sellers we have mentioned, however, you’re paying for the brand and the fact that the car is certified.

You can easily trust these sellers, as their vehicles are checked for quality and are certified by the factory itself.

How to find used cars?

The easiest way to find used cars is to do online research. You can check out available listings to figure out what you want. But if you’re not sure what to get, you can check out various options in real life and make a final decision accordingly.

How to find used cars on the internet? – just type in what you’re looking for and you’ll be surrounded with countless options. You could search for the used car in your area, or browse international websites and ship your vehicle even from another continent.

Websites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay motors are quite popular in the USA. They will have the most listings and you’ll certainly find something interesting there.

Back when I didn’t know what I was doing, I used to nag everyone with the following question: where can I buy used cars? They would look at me with an annoyed face and tell me to go online and search. Even though this advice seems useless, there’s nothing much we can suggest.

You have to do your research, choose a couple of options, compare prices, talk with the dealers, and make a decision accordingly.

It’s easier to find a suitable car online because you don’t have to go from a store to another, stand in line and wait for a good deal to appear. You can simply access all that information from your computer and save a lot of time and energy.

Where can I buy used cars online?

Now that you know how to find used cars online, we can easily learn where to buy used cars. If you’re too lazy to find a car on the websites I mentioned and you don’t want to bother with local dealerships, then you need to know where to shop for the used cars online.

You can search on websites such as CarGurus, Vroom, RelayCars, Carvana, AutoTrader, Bring-A-Trailer, etc. They offer traditional options, but some of them have interesting cars among their crowds.

For example, Bring-A-Trailer sells rare sports cars that would be hard to get elsewhere. They have an auction, so you have the chance to get your vehicle for a bargain. You can jump on a virtual test drive with RelayCars and get a franchised used car with Vroom.

As you can see, you’re free to choose any website you want. The main thing is to determine what you want and continue your search accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll easily get confused by the abundance of choices.

If you get bored, you can quit the internet and go on a real-life journey. After all, you already know where to find used cars locally, don’t you?


It could be quite difficult to find the used car of your dreams. It might take months to find the best model for your needs. However, it’s worth the effort! Once you drive the vehicle you wanted for the first time, you’ll forget all that trouble.

Since you already know where to buy used cars online and locally, you shouldn’t have any problem picking out the ultimate option. Be attentive and make a lot of comparisons. Best of luck!