With everything being digitalized these days, it’s only natural to wonder what is the best website to buy used cars. We’re buying everything online and cars aren’t an exception either. Buying them from a website is convenient and cost-efficient, and saves you a lot of time as well.

But it’s risky at the same time. It’s harder to determine the reliability of the seller online. With that being said, if you turn to a trustworthy source, you won’t have any problems with that. Plus, many dealerships have websites, so you can buy from them if you don’t want to deal with private sellers.

So, what is the best website for used cars?

Is it safe to buy a used car online?

Very much so if you know where is the best place to find used cars. If you buy a vehicle from a reliable source, you won’t encounter any safety issues.

I know how hard it can be to trust someone you can’t see in real life. Scammers are everywhere and they can be hard to distinguish. But modern automotive companies and websites don’t want all of that baggage on their shoulders.

That’s why they do their best to guarantee our hassle-free shopping. Online dealerships are particularly reliable in this sense.

Things are a bit more complicated with private sellers. Even though bigger websites do their best to verify people who list their cars, they can’t provide 100% safety and security.  

That’s why it comes down to your own responsibility. If you don’t trust the first person you come across, you’ll avoid the bigger portion of trouble.

Once you know where to look online for used cars, you won’t worry as much about safety. As you browse through some of the websites, you’ll see that there’s not that much to worry about.

Moreover, buying a used car online will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to go to the actual store to check out some of the options. You can compare prices and deals with a single click – no need to go from a dealership to another.

When you’re buying online, you avoid the nasty process of haggling. I, personally, hate those negotiations, even though they are a great way to get a discount. But they are the least pleasant part of purchasing a used vehicle.

And one more thing, coronavirus has pushed the majority of companies to up their online game. As a result, we have user-friendly websites on hand.

How to buy a used car online?

Since buying a used car online is rather simple, you’ll have to follow several steps only. You could even ignore all of them, but it’s just easier when you have a certain guideline. You’ll save a lot of time by staying organized – trust me, I’m guilty of browsing the net endlessly when I didn’t know what to do.

To protect you from my mistakes, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Set a budget – it could be a specific amount or a range. The main thing is to determine how much you’ll spend. That way, you’ll search cars within a specific budget and avoid wasting money that you didn’t have;
  • Prepare the money – if you don’t have money in your bank account, it’s a good idea to get preapproved for the loan. Sometimes banks lend less than we expected, so it’s better to be prepared;
  • Choose the desired model – check out a couple of options within your budget and pick the one that suits your needs the most.
  • Run it through online tools to check reliability and history – verify the condition and general dependability;
  • Compare deals – don’t be lazy to pick out several options and compare prices;
  • Use the online consultation – talk with the dealerships or the sellers to agree on further details;
  • Take the car for a test drive – if you can, take the car for a test drive. This will be your chance to check the condition of the vehicle in real life and discover any major flaws;
  • Pick up the car at the dealership or have it delivered – some dealerships require you to go to the store to finalize the deals, while others can deliver the car right away. Ask them beforehand to make sure you’re getting what you wanted.

What is the best website for used cars? These are for auction lovers

You have numerous options if you want to find a used vehicle at an online auction. If you’re wondering what is the best website to buy used cars, I have a couple of amazing sites for you. These auctions are attractive as they simplify the buying process quite a bit.


IAAI is more tailored to the dealers as they provide premium options for those who have the dealer’s license. But you can still bid on their auctions if you want to get a used vehicle for personal use. You’ll have to pay an annual fee, which will give you access to the auctions that are open to the public. They offer different payment methods, which is convenient for many.

Auto Auction Mall

Auto Auction Mall is your secret invitation to those dealer-only wholesale auctions. You can use their service for free, but you’ll need to pay a certain fee once you win a car. Since they give you access to dealer-only auctions, it’s only natural that they require money for it.

They have financing options, as well as customer service to help you out during the bidding process.

Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids is slightly different from your typical auction. It’s a new company that specialized in vehicles that are a bit more special and unique. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to drive in a basic vehicle, then this site might be worth checking out. They provide you with high-quality pictures which means you won’t be buying a car blindfolded.


It’s yet another online auction that doesn’t require a dealer’s license. You can register for free and start bidding right away. They have an immense inventory that is updated frequently. This means that you get access to an abundance of affordable options.

Where is the best place to find used cars? These are for dealership aficionados

A dealership website is probably the most reliable place for finding pre-owned vehicles or using the trade-in. No matter what you’re looking for, an online dealership is probably the most convenient choice.


If you want to browse the inventory of one of the biggest dealerships in the US, then Carmax is certainly worth your attention. They have numerous stores nationwide, which means you can visit them whenever you want and check out their cars in real life.

But you can shop on their website, look for various options or get pre-approved for the loan. I’ll be honest, purchasing a vehicle with them is truly a convenient process.


Carvana is an online dealership that enables you to purchase a used vehicle without leaving your house. They have a delivery option that will bring your car to your home within a day or two. Their inventory is quite versatile so you do have a lot of options to choose from.


No matter where you live, Vroom will deliver a used car to your location or the nearest neighborhood. They are an online dealership without physical stores, so you go through the whole process online. Their cars have clean titles, as well as history reports that verify their condition.

What is the best website for used cars? – these three options are on top of the list when it comes to dealerships.

Where to look online for used cars? These are for the laziest people

There are many websites that have listings for used cars, however, not all of them are reliable or user-friendly. Some of them are so outdated that you’ll have a hard time finding what you’re looking for. If you want to know where is the best place to find used cars, you have to check out the following websites.


AutoTrader is one of the biggest and most famous websites when it comes to used cars. They list cars from dealers and private sellers, so you can choose whichever you prefer. Their website is easy to navigate. You can use their filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.


CarGurus is the website you should go to if you want to find a bargain. They provide information about the vehicle’s true market value and list sellers according to their reputation and price.


If you don’t want to go to several websites to compare inventory and prices, AutoTempest is the best option you have. They combine all of those resources within a single site. You’ll access used cars that are offered by the major websites, which simplifies the whole process even more.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is our go-to website when we want to determine the market value of a specific vehicle, but it’s an amazing choice for shopping as well. If you want to get a fair price, KBB should be on your radar.


If you’re wondering where to look online for used cars, CarsDirect is yet another great option. Not only do they provide you with all the basic models, but they also enable you to view the Carfax report if you want to.


What are the best sites to buy used cars? – you already have a comprehensive answer to that. Be it online auctions, dealerships, or private sellers, the websites we mentioned have you covered. You’ll find other reliable websites if you search yourself, but the ones we discussed are the biggest and most popular.

You can use them to shop online or simply check out your options. It’s up to you what you decide. Enjoy!