People learn how to change mileage on car for two main reasons: some of them want to rewind the odometer, while others simply want to protect themselves against fraud. Even though changing mileage isn’t an ethical activity, it’s still quite popular among certain sellers.

You see, the value of used vehicles heavily depends on the mileage. The higher the mileage, the less the price. Therefore, sellers, who want to benefit from selling such cars, turn to odometer tampering.

Today we’ll discuss how to roll back digital odometer, why people attempt to reduce mileage, and what alternatives exist on the market.

What is odometer fraud?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines odometer fraud as any activity that strives to alter, wind back or disconnect the odometer with the purpose of changing the reading.

NHTSA also specifies that more than 450,000 clocked cars are sold each year. This means that it affects a great portion of US consumers. It affects even more people worldwide. That’s exactly why it’s become so important to learn how to roll back odometer and detect fraud before making a purchase.  

Since people continue to adjust kilometers on their odometers, the Federal Government has passed a law to combat fraud. As of now, it’s obligatory to provide a written mileage statement when the buyer is transferring titles to their customer.

If the seller knows that the odometer reading is incorrect, they should disclose that information legally. In fact, the statement about false mileage should be included in the title.

If the seller hides the fact that those miles were reversed, they will face serious legal trouble. To be more precise, they might face a prison sentence ranging from one month to 10 years or they might have to pay fines or restitution.

Considering the fact that criminal fines totaled more than $2.8 million and court-ordered restitution amounted to more than $15 million, it’s obvious that odometer fraud isn’t a joke. It’s a crime that you should avoid as much as you can.

Even though I understand the urge to lower mileage, changing km on the odometer is still unjustifiable.

How to roll back digital odometer?

You can change the reading on the digital odometer by using speedometer calibration/mileage correction tools. They can reverse the mileage, yet their performance is far from perfect.

Before we discuss how to change digital odometer reading in more detail, there’s one thing I’d like to mention. The odometer isn’t the same as the trip meter. The former records the mileage your car has traveled since day 1. The latter, on the other hand, can be used to count miles during a certain trip.

For example, if you travel from your home to a local grocery store, pick up kids along the way and go to the beach, you could record the distance from your starting point (A) to your destination (B).

Emphasizing this difference is important when we’re talking about odometer tampering. You can’t reset the odometer manually or legally, while you can easily set the trip meter to zero with a press of a button. Nobody will judge you either, as the trip meter doesn’t affect the overall mileage.

With that out of the way, let’s see how people change mileage on car.

Most often than not, they utilize some sort of an odometer correction tool. It’s software that can be used to reprogram mileage. It comes with an interface where you can search for the model and make of your vehicle. Once you find your car, you can then adjust the mileage.

The problem with such tools is that they can only alter the date on the display. Digital odometers are closely connected to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) where the mileage information is stored. Thus, such devices deliver superficial results that are easy to trace with diagnostic testers.

Certain odometer correction tools could even damage your vehicle as they require cutting cables.

Why do people change mileage on car?

People roll back the odometer to benefit from selling used cars or correct any existing discrepancies.

Naturally, most people reverse kilometers on high-mileage vehicles to increase their value. Even though mileage doesn’t tell us the full story about the condition of a used car, it still affects the retail price. To get more money from such cars, some sellers purchase affordable tools that essentially bring more income.

Another reason why people might learn how to change odometer reading is the discrepancy. Vehicles count mileage by detecting wheel rotations and multiplying that number by the circumference of the factory tires. So, if you purchase tires that are too big or small, the mileage displayed on the odometer will be inaccurate.

To avoid inconsistencies, certain people prefer to rewind extra mileage or add lacking kilometers themselves. Even in such cases, it’s advisable to use professional services to avoid legal trouble.

Finally, people might attempt to change mileage when the odometer breaks down in their vehicles. When we get a new/used odometer, we should match the numbers to make sure the correct numbers are shown on the display. However, even in such situations, it’s important to file specific documentation.

As you can see, there could be certain scenarios where it’s necessary to alter mileage. Nevertheless, it’s always better to utilize professional services and abstain from reversing the odometer on our own.

How to change odometer mileage without a trace?

Instead of investing in a superficial and inefficient mileage correction tool, you can buy a mileage blocker that happens to be way more effective.

A mileage blocker (a.k.a. kilometer stopper, odometer blocker, can filter) is an ethical tool that was designed for testing purposes. It’s a device that stops recording mileage in all control units. In other words, it prevents your car from counting kilometers without leaving a trace.

A mileage blocker is a useful tool if you want to figure out what the true functionalities and capabilities are. You should activate it in a controlled environment, as it’s not meant for fraudulent purposes.

Unlike mileage correction tools, the kilometer stopper is completely safe for your vehicle. It comes with a plug-and-play module and doesn’t require cutting or soldering cables. You can install it in less than an hour and get started right away.

If you’re wondering how to roll back miles on a car, you should know that an odometer blocker is a better alternative. You can activate it in seconds by pressing specific buttons or levers. It saves previous settings and saves you a lot of time the next time you’re starting a car.

Once again, it’s only meant for utilization in a controlled environment. We might get triggered by its useful features and activate it on public roads, however, such usage is discouraged.

A mileage blocker is a perfect option for anyone who wants to know how to change mileage on car without a trace.

Final Takeaway

Today we’ve answered how to roll back digital odometer to make sure you’d recognize fraud more easily. People rewind mileage for various reasons, yet altering existing numbers is unethical and illegal.

If you need to reverse mileage to correct discrepancies, it’s better to use professional services and do everything by the book. You could also purchase the mileage blocker and test the performance of your car in a controlled environment.

In my opinion, the main thing is to abstain from illegal activities. Enjoy!Sources: